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Welcome to the website of the Cafe on the Corner. We are situated, yes you’ve guessed it, on the corner of This Road and That Street in The Town. We serve freshly brewed tea and coffee, soft drinks and a section of light meals and tasty treats and snacks. We are open for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea from 8am to 5pm and unlike any other cafe in the town, we are open 7 days per week.

A truly family run business, we aim to create a cosy and friendly atmosphere in the cafe with Mum and Auntie doing the cooking and Dad and the (grown-up) children serving front of house. 

Pick your favorite meals from our menu

We'll get the freshest best quality ingredients

Chef kamsky & staff will be hosting you at your home

Eating delicious food we cooked togther

Favorite dishes

special occasion magical moments

I truly recommend this private chef. Not only is he professional and trustworthy, his frappe is to die for!